Blessed Are Those Who Fear the Lord

If you’ve been reading through the Psalms with me in 2018, you’ll know that our Psalm for today is Psalm 113. However, given that I recently used Psalm 113 as the text of a sermon, I thought I would share a prayer from Psalm 112 this week. I initially prayed Psalm 112 for my boys, but you can pray this Psalm for anyone. Pull up Psalm 112 in your Bible and follow along as you read. If you write your own prayer, please share it with me (!

Prayer from Psalm 112


May my brothers and sisters who are LakeView Church (and those who read these, but are not part of the LakeView family) fear You, Lord, and delight in Your commands, and be blessed. May their children walk in faith and grow to be people who transform their neighborhoods through the blessing You have poured out on them.

May You richly provide for them, and may their homes be full of the spiritual blessings that are ours in Christ Jesus. Lord, give them a taste of their eternal inheritance this week. Even when they struggle with the darkness, may Your light shine through them. As they are gracious, compassionate, and righteous, fill them with hope to endure the night, knowing Your dawn is coming.

Stir up their hearts to be generous and seek justice, knowing that good will come to them as they freely give to those in need.

May they never be shaken! Let them leave a legacy of faith that will be remembered forever. When bad news attacks, may their hearts be secure and steadfast as they trust You–they will have no fear. Give them victory over the trials of life.

As they freely give, let them freely receive. Bless them with the enduring righteousness of Christ, and bestow honor upon them as children of God. May their family members, friends, co-workers, and neighbors hold them in high esteem and see God in them. May their reputation as honorable men and women be known throughout the community.

Let the wicked see Your blessing lavished on my brothers and sisters, and let them scratch their heads in wonder. Use the honor and strength and righteousness You provide to draw the unbeliever in. Those who reject Your goodness will waste away and pursue dead ends with their lives. But those who seek You will find You.


Photo by Ben White on Unsplash