The Kindness of God

“But when the kindness and love of God our Savior appeared…” (Titus 3:4, NIV).

When you think of the kindness of God, what comes to mind? I often think of the cross and the undeserved forgiveness Christ offers. Then I think of my family and all the things God has provided for us. Or I think of my job and the opportunities God has sent to us. God’s kindness is infinite and transcendent. It is also personal and intimate. He shows grace to the entire created order, sent his Son to rescue the world, and provides for his children. He also shows us kindness individually and personally.

I would venture a guess to say that “nice” isn’t usually a word we use to describe God. Kind, good, gracious, merciful, generous, loving, awesome, forgiving, just… these are words commonly associated with God. But how often do we think of God as being nice? Sometimes, he does something that he doesn’t have to do at all, but he does just to be nice!

Yesterday, LakeView Church held a congregational meeting to vote on bringing Josh Raley on our staff team as Next Steps Associate Pastor. We needed a 75% majority for the motion to pass and for Josh to be offered the position. The vote was unanimous! Now, God didn’t have to stir our hearts to a unanimous vote. If his will was to call Josh and his family to LakeView, God could’ve accomplished that with as little as 75%. But God isn’t just interested in getting things done. He cares for us. He’s nice to us. A unanimous vote is pretty rare, and it was a tremendous encouragement to Josh and Tiffany. It was also a huge confirmation to me that we are headed in the right direction as a church.

Again, God could easily have accomplished his plans without a unanimous vote. But he’s kind. I’m thankful to belong to a God who’s not only powerful, just, merciful, and awesome, but also nice. My prayer for the week is that you will experience the kindness of God in your life this week. Also, will you join me in praying for the Raley family as they begin the transition from Baton Rouge to Stoughton?

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