Worship is Enough

“Ascribe to the LORD the glory due his name; worship the LORD in the splendor of his holiness.” (Psalm 29:2, NIV)

Yesterday, we ended our worship service at LakeView Church with about 15 minutes of singing together. Usually, most of our singing is before the sermon, but the past couple of weeks, we’ve tried something a little different by putting a chunk of musical worship after the message. The presence of the Lord was thick, and the love of God was heavy as we sang in response to his Word. Many people commented that they felt the moving of the Spirit. I love being together in the presence of God!

Anyway, as the worship team led us in song and the Spirit went to work in our hearts, God spoke to me through a direct thought in my mind (which is not usually how he speaks to me). He said, This is enough. My heart soared at those words. Let me explain.

As a preacher, I struggle with an incessant fear of being out of touch. Two of my biggest concerns are answering questions no one is asking and giving applications no one needs to hear. At the same time, I have a deep conviction to be faithful to the Scripture, regardless of how “relevant” its subject and application might seem to me to be. So, I frequently live in a state of tension when preparing and delivering a sermon. When studying, I often realize that a significant part of many passages of Scripture is very applicable for younger believers, people who are new to the faith, or people who haven’t yet chosen to follow Jesus. Sometimes I wrestle with the question, “What do I preach to the older, more mature believers who’ve probably heard this a dozen times? How do I make it fresh for them?”

Yesterday, those of us who’ve been around church for decades were reminded of who God is and how much he loves us. We didn’t hear anything “new.” Yet, that reminder stirred our hearts to respond with worship, and God showed me that sometimes worship is the application. We don’t always need a pragmatic message with four practical steps we can all take this week or six ways to be a better spouse/parent/neighbor/etc. Sometimes the Word calls us to that, but other times it simply gives us a glimpse of the power, majesty, glory, and love of God, and our response is to stand in awe, pour out our worship, and be filled with his Spirit. Sometimes it’s enough simply to respond with worship (but that doesn’t mean we don’t have to live it out the rest of the week!).

My prayer for the week is that we will be reminded of the glory of our God, and our hearts will be stirred to worship him. May we all come to church next Sunday overflowing with worship for the Lord!

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