Daily Audio Bible

Daily Audio Bible
Photo by Aaron Burden / Unsplash

We all know the importance of the Bible—it’s God’s Word! But sometimes reading the Bible can be difficult. It’s a huge book with a lot of obscure cultural references that are a puzzle to modern readers. And, let’s just be honest, some of the passages struggle to hold our attention.

That’s why I vary my quiet time between reading and listening to Scripture. Quite often, hearing the words of the Bible leaves a completely different impression on my heart and mind than reading the same words. Plus, I can walk or run while listening (like going for a walk with Jesus), and sometimes that’s a nice change from sitting on the couch (having coffee with Jesus).

My favorite way to listen to the Bible is the Daily Audio Bible. There’s a daily podcast and/or a free app for your smartphone (whatever way you like to listen to podcasts). You can also listen directly online on their website. I like to listen to the one that has readings from the Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs for each day. The host, Brian Hardin, shares a brief devotional thought and prayer from the Scriptures for each day. It is excellent… and all FREE!

And, if you listen daily for a year, you’ll have listened to the entire Bible!