Screen Accountability™ | Covenant Eyes

Screen Accountability™ | Covenant Eyes
Photo by Eddy Billard / Unsplash

Pornography. Yes, I said it (or wrote it). It is a destructive, dehumanizing, demonic industry. Porn use is so widespread that some mental health and addiction experts liken porn use today to smoking in the 1940s and ‘50s. Statistics vary a little, depending on who you’re reading, but the consensus is that over 90% of men and 80% of women use porn monthly. You can read a lot about pornography addiction, and the destructive effects porn has on physical health, mental health, emotional health, and relational health on Fight the New Drug, a non-legislative, non-religious, non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness of the horrific impact porn is having on people and societies.

Free access to hardcore porn is literally everywhere online. This is one reason I will not give my kids a smartphone with a web browser that puts billions of free pornographic videos and pictures at their fingertips. This is also why I have Covenant Eyes on all my web-enabled devices.

Covenant Eyes is an anti-porn software created by a Christian company. Not only will Covenant Eyes block explicit websites, but it also monitors all web traffic. In addition, it will take random screenshots of your devices and forward them, along with an activity report, to your allies.

This is perhaps the most unique and helpful aspect of Covenant Eyes. When you sign up for the software, you designate people as your allies in the battle for pure eyes. These allies receive regular reports of your internet activity and alerts if the software flags something you weren’t supposed to see. Your allies also must approve uninstalling the software before you can remove it.

Covenant Eyes is an excellent tool for individuals and parents to help themselves and protect their kids, too!

Disclosure Statement: I am a Covenant Eyes customer and have used the application for over a decade. I am not an affiliate of Covenant Eyes, nor was I contracted to write a review of the software. I will not receive any benefit from Covenant Eyes should anyone reading this post subscribe to the service or click on the links above for more info.